Japanese Art Auction MEGURU vol.8


Preview: Oct 16 (Sat) to Oct 24 (Sun), 2021
Last Bid: Oct 24 (Sun), 6 pm JST
Results: Oct 26 (Tue)

※The Japanese Art Auction, MEGURU Vol.08 has ended. We hope to see you again next MEGURU.

Key works


● Zen Buddhist Art
Zen continues to be highly popular both in and out of Japan. In addition to the humorous paintings of Zen monks, Hakuin Ekaku, Sengai Gibon, and disciples of Hakuin, such as Torei Enji, this MEGURU offers a vast collection of Zen paintings, calligraphy, and other works that convey Zen teachings. What spiritual advice can these works offer us in this time of immense change? Come have a look!

● Bijin-ga
The Japanese painting genre, Bijin-ga began during the Edo period with the emergence of ukiyo-e paintings. Initially, these consisted of paintings of courtesans, but in modern times, they came to depict the beauty of women in ordinary life. In this special feature, this MEGURU offers various paintings mainly from the Meiji era onwards. From the works of female painters, such as Uemura Shoen, who modernized Bijin-ga from Maruyama school painting to Ito Shinsui, who followed the Utagawa school ukiyo-e style, we hope you take this chance to enjoy the works of the masters of Bijin-ga!

● Hayashi Kiichiro
Hayashi Kiichiro is a Western-style painter who continued to paint old private houses with thatched roofs throughout his life. “One Hundred Views of Lost Private Houses” covers 30 years of his trips to thatched houses nationwide. Expressed in a unique technique rich in elegance and realism, his style rediscovers Japanese landscapes that are now fast disappearing.

● Otomaru Kodo
This designated Living National Treasure lacquer artist was born in 1898 in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, and studied Sanuki carving under Ishii Keido. He later studied the art of engraving lacquer and used colored lacquers to create a variety of expressions, expanding the scope of lacquer art, developing a novel distinct style while using traditional craft techniques. Experience the world of Otomaru Kodo, who had a great influence in the craft world and continues to attract people even today.


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The posting of the results on the Japanese Art Auction, MEGURU, vol.8 has ended. We hope to see you again at the next MEGURU!!

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