What is Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU-?

Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- is a market place for all to trade Japanese art where
people can buy and sell Japanese art freely and fairly. All the lots are consigned from
all over Japan, then introduced to the art lovers through the special MEGURU
catalogue and official website.

Preview Image

The lots are on view during preview period.



How to join MEGURU


Contact us via email or phone for consultaion.

2.Assessment and agreement

We will make assessment on your collection and decide on starting bid.Will issue consignment contract upon agreement.

3.Catalogue production

We handle photoshoot and catalogue production.

4.Bid opening

After bidding period, we open all the bids and post it on our website.


If your work is sold, we will arrange payment for the sold within 35days.

1.Find your favorite piece

Browse website as catalogue and find your favorite piece. Ask for condition report if you would like.

2.Place your bid

Place your bid via website, or email/fax the bidding form.

3.Bid opening

The result will be posted on our website. We will send notification letter to the winner.


We will send invoice to the winner. Please make the payment within 14days.


We will arrange the shipping once we confirm the payment.