Japanese Art Auction MEGURU vol.3


Preview : 25 January ‒ 2 February, 2020
Bidding Period : ~2 February, 2020
Bid Opening : 4 February, 2020

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Catalog: Special Features
●Kobayakawa Shusei
Kobayakawa Shusei is a renowned military Japanese painter. In September 2019, Kobayakawa's first exhibition in the Kanto region was held at Kashima Arts, which resulted in major success with over 5,000 visitors. Although Kobayakawa is known for his war paintings, he also left numerous excellent pieces of landscapes and still lifes. Being a world traveler, Kobayakawa was able to cultivate highly refined sense of intuition. In this volume of the Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU-, we have gathered works by Kobayakawa that contains familiar and intimate motifs of animals and still lifes. Undeniably charming, don't miss this rare opportunity to get your hands on a work by Kobayakawa.

●Kawahigashi Hekigoto
During the late Meiji era, as Haiku's foundations were being laid, one of the many competing schools called Hototogisu was being formed by Takahama Kyoshi those others who valued tradition. Referred to as the "New Trend Haiku" school, these poets sought to be liberated from the restrictive forms of syllable patterns and seasonality. At the center of this was the haiku poet, Kawahigashi Hekigoto. Approximately 40 items, including hanging scrolls and folding screens, are on offer this season. The beauty of these works are twofold; rich, in both, its literary content and formal brushwork. Don’t miss this chance to collect the works by an artist who inspired a generation of modern poets, such as Taneda Santoka and Ozaki Hosai, who, in turn, led the subsequent "Jiyuritsu Haiku (Free-form Haiku)" movement.

In recent years, Ukiyo-e has gained global admiration and much attention. We are proud to announce that in Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- vol.3, we have gathered the works of Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige, Katsukawa Shunsho and other highly esteemed artists. You have wide selection of works ranging from the Fifty Three Views of Tokaido, the Thirty Six Views of Mt. Fuji, "Bijin-ga" (female paintings), landscapes and more. Noting the growing number of recent Ukiyo-e exhibitions, a 2020 Ukiyo-e surge has been more and more forthcoming. Shouldn’t you take this chance to finally own your favourite piece?

A continuously highly received feature, this Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- will feature works by renowned Mingei artists. Seeking to redefine ideas of beauty, Mingei (folk arts, arts for the people) is a modern artistic movement that was established in the 1920s by Yanagi Soetsu. Subverting traditional expectations of beauty, Mingei values the beauty of everyday, utilitarian and functional objects. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the warm, rustic and minimalistic works of Kawai Kanjiro, Munakata Shiko, Tomimoto Kenkichi and Bernard Leach.

Highlights of the Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- vol.3
●Antique Paintings
Ito Jakuchu “Chrysanthemum”
Ink on paper
<Starting Bid>¥700,000〜

Suzuki Kiitsu” Crane and turtle”
A diptych, color on silk
<Starting Bid>¥600,000〜

●Modern Paintings
Uemura Shoen “Fairy Lady, Chu Lian Xiang”
Color on silk, with a box signed and sealed by the artist
<Starting Bid>¥1,000,000〜

Higashiyama Kaii “Forest”
Slight color on paper, with a label signed and sealed by the artist, framed, with a certificate of authenticity by Tokyo Bijutsu Club
<Starting Bid>¥2,800,000〜

Hakuin Ekaku” Calligraphy”
<Starting Bid>¥1,000,000〜

Sakaida Kakiemon XIV” Vase”
With a box signed and sealed by the artist
<Starting Bid>¥350,000〜

Okabe Mineo ” Oribe plate”
With a box signed and sealed by the artist, incised signature at the bottom
<Starting Bid>¥200,000〜


We will no longer be displaying the Japanese Art Auction MEGURU catalog. For those who would still like to view the catalog, please feel free to contact us.

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