The Japanese Art Auction MEGURU Vol.9


Preview: February 5 (Sat) to February 13 (Sun), 2022
*Open every day during exhibition from 10am to 6pm JST
Bidding Deadline: February 13 (Sun), 2022, 6pm JST
Results: February 15 (Tue), 2022 from 3pm JST

Key works


●Maruyama-Shijo School
The Maruyama-Shijo School was founded by Maruyama Okyo in Kyoto during the mid-Edo period. During a time when traditional ‘Yamato-e’ and ‘Chinese style painting’ was mainstream, this style valued sketching from life and, in turn, created a new trend. Matsumura Goshun, who is said to be the founder of the Shijo School, studied painting and Haikai poetry under Yosa Buson, later deepening his friendship with Maruyama Okyo, and exploring the connection between literati painting and sketch painting. This MEGURU offers approx. 20 bird-and-flower paintings, literati paintings and animal paintings by Okyo and Goshun, as well as Nagasawa Rosetsu, Mori Sosen, Mori Ippo, Kawabata Gyokusho, Kono Bairei and others, who have inherited the style of the Maruyama-Shijo School.

●Sengai Gibon
Fondly nicknamed “Sengai-san”, the Edo period Zen monk, Sengai Gibon is remembered for preaching and interacting with common people, as well as his many Zen paintings. In recent years, several museums have held special exhibitions of his work, and his humor and charm have continued to attract people through the ages. We hope you take this time to learn more about Zen teachings through Sengai’s heartwarming style.

●Togo Seiji
The painter of romantic and poetic images of women, Togo Seiji honed his skills and unique aesthetic through his experiences as an apprentice to Takehisa Yumeji and studying in Paris. His feminine and elegant designs are popular not only in the art world but also in the decor of coffee shops, covers of literary works and packaging. Graceful and nostalgic, please take this chance to enjoy a number of his Bijin-ga works.


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